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Naked Art (2017)

Cape Town, South Africa, Naked art the name of Youngblood Galleries upcoming December exhibition, a collaboration of fine arts and the performing arts is an absolute must see this festive season.

Interior designer and artist Marie-Louise Koen is just one of the artists launching a few pieces from her latest collection under this theme, but it is one not to be missed.

When asked what her understanding and take on this theme is, Koen’s response is simple “isn’t all art naked?” she said, “it’s the epitome of what raw exposure is, in the form of creativity.”

The theme for this exhibition is to allow all artists in all disciplines of art to exhibit under the same roof in the hope of making art accessible to everyone in the public.

“I feel that the importance of exposure for all established and aspiring artists, of every discipline, under the same roof is so needed in the creative world. There is no such thing as hierarchy when it comes to creativity, all artists and creators need to support each other, we are so often each other’s inspiration, this kind of collaborative exhibition only makes sense” Koen says.

Whilst stating her hopes for this exhibition Koen invites the viewers to return to their personal creative outlet in any form of art so that everyone can become more in touch with their naked, raw selves.

 “We are all inherently creative, the question is, when did we stop?” she said “All kids love to create, to sing, to dance, to draw, to color in, to paint, but somewhere down the line we all just stop. What is so wonderful about this theme, this collaborative exhibition showcasing all forms of art by all kinds of artists is to inspire and encourage everybody to find their soul food again, to find and get in touch with their internally naked, raw selves.”

Drawing inspiration from her personal narrative and sticking to her subject matter of woman and feministic themes, Koen’s collection is the true essence of what it means to be exposed.

“This collection of mine is truly the epitome of my exposed self. Each face, each painting is a piece of me expressed on canvas, you don’t get more naked than that” Koen.

Launching in connection with this month’s First Thursdays event, NAKED ART is on show from the 7th December until the year end at YOUNGBLOOD gallery (70-72 Bree Street, Cape Town).

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