'Unmasked' Series A Print 5 - Collectors Fine Art Print

Regular price R1,750.00

Limited Edition Fine Art Print 

-Available in 4 sizes 

-Limited to 1/50

-Signed and numbered by Marie-Louise Koen 

-Fine Art Print - True rag Etching

-Fine textured surface/ 100% cotton/ Matt/ Acid-free/ Archival 


-This Limited Edition Art Print is supplied unframed only


This Print is 100% Felix Schoeller cotton paper. With a slightly textured surface, it guarantees archival standards and has the touch and feel of genuine art paper.

Felix Schoeller is one of the biggest mills in Europe and started in 1895. They have over 1168 different products shipping to over 71 countries. One of their Key traits is their paper coating that ensures long-lasting prints, they seem to be the leaders in this field and I can attest to the quality of their products.